Monday, February 26, 2018

Phase 3 Renovation Update

We are still under renovation.  While someone is here every single day and certainly things are happening, it feels as if it is moving super slowly.  However, our bathroom is nearing completion and should be done in the next month.

The original floors have been put back (many planks had to be moved to make room for plumbing), sanded and finished (no stain).  I love how they turned out!  We also made the choice to put pine planks in the closet and I find it so interesting how different they look.  In this case, I think older is better!

For the shower tile we went with a classic subway tile.  It is called antique green but definitely reads neutral.  I wanted something that was earthy and complimented the brick fireplace surround and the pumpkin pine floors.

And... that's it!  It seems like there should be way more of an update but that's all there is to show.  Hopefully, my next post about the bathroom will be that it is finished!

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