Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Grace turns 16 today.  In most states that means she could drive but here she will have to wait another year to be let loose on the roads!  I'm actually rather thankful for that as I'm not sure I"m ready for her to be driving on our twisty, narrow roads.

Grace is such a treasure and we feel so blessed that she is our girl.  She's smart, kind and a little feisty.  Here's what's going on with her right now...

1.  She's a rule follower.  She likes to be on time, have a plan, and to stick to it (it must be so hard for her to live with Bryce and I :))!  When we are supposed to pick her up she will text us the time and then confirm it at least once!

2.  She's a hard worker at school.  Grace is taking 3 honors classes this year and, for now, is making straight A's!  We are proud of how hard she works and how good she is with time management.

3.  She's a little afraid that there's not a boy out there that is nice, interesting, and a little old fashioned (cute wouldn't hurt either!).  I hope she believes me when I tell her there is.

4.  I wouldn't say that Grace is having what one might think of as a typical teenage experience (yet?). She isn't super social outside of school even though she has a nice group of girls that she's good friends with.  For example, she did not want a big sweet sixteen party, instead opting for a family party at home.  She still likes to hang with her family and you won't hear me complaining.

5.  Right now she's really interested in: skiing, skincare, traveling, writing and she's starting to pay more and more attention to world events and politics.

6.  She has just started a job at a cafe in town.  I think it will be so good for her on many levels!

7.  She's still taking a ballet class twice a week.

8.  She loves to bake!  We all love it when she decides to whip up a batch of cookies.  I love that I can now put her in charge of dessert.

9.  She loves music of all sorts but has a remarkable affinity for 80's music!

10.  She loves the tv show Castle.  She and her Grandma watch it together.

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