Friday, January 19, 2018


One of the first things I learned about Bryce, mainly through his climbing of them, was that he is a lover of trees.  He appreciates their beauty, their shade and their purpose within our environment.

Our property has a lot of trees, which is wonderful, but many are approaching the end of their life span and we are committed to planting more.  While we do have many trees - sycamores and black walnuts being the majority - we do not have many ornamentals or specimen trees.  We have lots of plans to add trees every year but I was surprised this morning, as I wrote down all the trees we've planted, to realize we've already planted 43 here!

One of the very first things we did after we moved was plant 10 maple trees along the driveway.  We figured it would take many, many years for them to make a true impact so we wanted to get started right away.  These have been, by far, the largest trees we've planted.  

The rest of the trees have ranged from small to very, very small as it's not very financially feasible to plant large, expensive trees.  We planted 10 autumn cherries in front of the garden this past fall.  I'm super excited about these as they bloom in the spring and fall (though fall is a much lighter bloom).

We also planted 8 dogwoods along the Birthday Trail in the woods.  They are teeny tiny but hopefully they won't always be.  The tubes are to protect them from the dreaded and loathed (sorry, but they destroy everything!) deer.

We've also planted 4 crabapples, one red maple (other than the driveway trees) and 8 dwarf fruit trees in the garden.   Planting trees is really an exercise in patience and looking toward the next generation, they being the ones who will truly enjoy a mature tree, but one that I think is totally worth it.   

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