Friday, January 12, 2018

"New" Latches, Hinges and Knobs

One of my very favorite spots in the whole house is the butler's pantry.  I loved it when we first saw it and I love it even more now that it's 99% done and "us!"  Something that was totally unexpected, but I'm absolutely thrilled with, are the hinges, cupboard latches and knobs!  Let me explain...

The hinges on each of the cabinets were totally covered in paint and seemed to me to be a total loss.  In fact, I never even considered keeping them, instead going online to find a replacement as soon as the painters started working in that area.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a single hinge that was the same size, which meant that we would have to drill new holes, fit new hinges to the doors and figure out how to shim them as well. 

However, as I was working on measuring them, for the umpteenth time, I noticed a logo that had the letters SW enclosed in a heart.  It's the heart that got me.   It turns out the company that made my hinges, Stanley Works, was founded in 1843 and from 1920 to 1935 they made what is known as the sweetheart logo in honor of their longtime CEO, William Hart (he worked for the company for his entire life!).  Of course, I now had to keep the hinges!

Fortunately, my sister knew of someone who re-plated metal and he was willing to plate the hinges in brass (unlacquered).  I found it interesting that James explained to me that in his opinion it was completely worth the cost to strip and plate them because it was next to impossible to get such high quality hinges today.  The hinges are high carbon steel (they hold large doors with glass in them) and he said he wouldn't trust such small hinges today.  We also went ahead and re-plated the cupboard latches and knobs as they were solid brass but the finish on them (nickel) was wearing thin. 

It certainly wasn't an economical way to go, I could have replaced all of the hardware for less, but I really love re-using things that were already part of the house. 

P.S.  Stanley Works is till around, it's just now called Stanley Tools!


  1. The latches and knobs are lovely :)

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