Monday, June 5, 2017


Hello?  Is anyone still there?  I didn't mean to not post for so long, but while lots and lots was going on, nothing was quite complete and then I let updating go too long and it seemed overwhelming to cull it all together!   So there we are; a little bit overwhelmed, a little bit lazy and a lot going on.

 So I think I'll just give a general, sweeping update!

For six weeks my in-laws, Al and Marilyn, were here!  Al worked like a crazy person on our unending list of to-dos!  I will eventually be sharing it all but please know we made more strides in 6 weeks than we have in the past 9 months we've been living here.  Things were going along swimmingly and then Marilyn fell ill and ended up in the hospital for 4 nights.  So that was a disappointing way to end their stay but the good news is that she is feeling much better and was able to safely go home.

Harris went on his class trip with Bryce accompaning as a chaperone.  They went backpacking and while the weather did not cooperate (we've had a rainy, chilly spring) it was a growth inducing experience for the class.

The garden is coming along, slowly.  It's taken up vast amounts of our time and I've come to acknowledge that this is a building year and it will take time for my vision to come to fruition!

Rosie.  You guys, we love this dog and she is so sweet but wow, she's a lot of work!  A week before she was scheduled to be spayed, she went into heat!  This was after she all of a sudden starting peeing inside.  Let's just say it's been a trying month or so.  I've spent more time getting stains of the carpet and floor than I would like to admit.

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  1. Your interesting and detailed post dismissed the gap you left with your absence. It is good to know all that happened except Marilyn illness. I hope she is ok now.


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