Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Our Easter was really nice and filled with laughter.  After church in the morning, we came home to get prepared for family plus friends for Easter dinner.  I had plans to have a long table (eating outside since our inside is, frankly, a mess) with daffodils down the center.  However, Mother Nature had other plans as the wind kept knocking all the flowers over causing the tablecloths to be soaked and the flowers to be a bit pitiful.

It was so windy that as we were bringing forkfuls of salad to our lips the wind would knock it right over to the unfortunate person sitting next to us!  Towards the end of the lunch, we even had a very surprising rain shower (two surprising rain showers in fact).

Those unexpected events didn't seem to bring anyone down and, in fact, added to our day.  It was lovely.

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