Thursday, April 6, 2017

Two Rugs

We recently bought two rugs for our library.  We were all over the place in trying to decide what sort of rug to get.  At first we were sure that we would get a broadloom carpet custom cut for our space, but every sample that we looked at reminded me of a hotel carpet.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for our wallet, we ended up falling down the hand-knotted rabbit hole. As I've mentioned, I'm a big, big fan of buying quality, and buying it once, but even for me this was a hard pill to swallow.  The trouble was that we needed two not just one and that sure does add up.  In the end, the benefits won us over and we should never need to buy a rug again (and will plan on passing a rug each to Harris and Grace some day! :)).

We totally lucked out and found two that complimented each other beautifully (no two are ever a like) but will also work in any sort of room down the road.  Here's the short list of why we decided to go this route...

All natural fiber (wool) that won't release anything harmful into the air
Easy to clean and care for (water and soap!)
Will last a lifetime (or more)
Hand made by a human!
Also, these are the only sort of carpet to hold any sort of value (one would never resell broadloom carpet or wall to wall carpet)

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