Monday, June 27, 2016

Our Great Adventure (The Beginning)

The past month has been absolutely crazy and while I have a lot I could write about the move, the renovation, the graduation from schools, the getting ready for new schools, selling our house, and trying to get prepared for this trip, I'm ready to move on and focus on our actual adventures this summer!  I couldn't imagine how it was going to happen, and we certainly had our fair share of tears, but here we are, on our Great Adventure!  We are taking 9 weeks to cross this beautiful country of our in our beloved Airstream.

Somehow we managed to pull out on our originally scheduled departure date (8 hours late, but who's counting).  I would like to tell you that our first stop was one that allowed us to enjoy a majestic view or relax while enjoying nature, but instead it was one of convienance.  Our first night on our trip was spent in a Wal-Mart parking lot!  It did, at least, have trees!  Next stop... The Great Smoky Mountains!

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  1. You certainly have had a lot going on! Can't wait to follow your adventures.


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