Friday, June 10, 2016


Of the people that read this blog, and who I now feel like I know, quite a few have daughters who are younger than Grace.  This post is for you!

I first heard about Yellowberry several years ago when we first had the need for a bra for Grace (she knows I'm doing this post).  Yellowberry is a company run by a young lady who saw a need for modest, appropriate and cute bras for girls.  When she couldn't find them, she decided to make them herself!  You must read her story as it's inspiring!  

How your order arrives

We have enjoyed watching the company grow and seeing all that they now are offering (swimsuits soon!). Grace and I even got to attend a trunk show recently where we met Payson, who immediately put Grace at ease.  This company has everything I love to support; quality, good design, and a young entrepreneur who is a good role mode for my daughter! 


  1. Thank you (and Grace) for sharing! I am filing this company away for our future needs!

  2. Thanks! We are just arriving to this moment..someone is in denial and it's not me. I hope your move went well, as well as any move possible can!

  3. Thank you! We are not yet there, but will be before I know it & this is exactly the direction we will be going!!! :)


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