Friday, March 18, 2016

March Madness

You guys, I have felt the craziest I can remember feeling in a long time the past couple of months.  We seem to be trying to fit a lot in and in a very short amount of time.  There's so much I want to post about, but there just hasn't been the time, energy or even photos to do so!  Here are some things that are going on in this crazy season for us...

*We are getting ready to list our house and I decided that we should just stick a "for sale by owner" sign in the yard for a month.  Turns out this is pretty stressful!

*We are planning our cross country trip for this summer (more on that soon) and it's taking a tremendous amount of time.

*We are working with architects to make some changes to Frog's Hollow.  I thought we would be doing work by now, but everything is moving super slow.  However, I've made improvements to the cottage and will share soon.

*Grace is getting ready to graduate from Waldorf and there are lots and lots of things going on.  Plus, we have to decide on a high school!

*Harris is graduating from 5th grade to middle school!  Again, lots and lots of activities going on and we also have to decide on middle school plans!

*We need to pack, move and get settled in at the Hollow before our summer trip!

*Ballet is still going strong and baseball has begun.

This list isn't meant as a complaint in the least.  I feel so blessed, excited and lucky to be doing every one of the above things, but I'm working on making it manageable instead of overwhelming!


  1. Grace is going to high school! Wow!!! Where has the time gone😳

  2. Oh my gosh! That is a lot. I mean it's all good stuff but still, a lot! Sending you blessings for all the wonderful things that are happening and hugs for some extra strength to get it all done! :) Keep remembering to be i the present moment and appreciate - I know you do, but it really is the only way to keep sane. xoxo P.S Please feel free to reach out if there is anything we can help you with.


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