Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Little Story

This week, after I dropped Grace off at ballet, I ran an errand in an area where I had to parallel park.  When I came out of the store I discovered, much to my frustration, that my car wouldn't start.  Turns out the starter was bad, and I only mention that I was parallel parked because as it turns out, it's very difficult (read: impossible) to tow a vehicle while cars are parked in front of it and behind.   Luckily, the technician was able to get it temporarily started by banging away at something in the engine (super technical, I know).

Anyway, I was forced to clean out my car in a hurry before it went to the garage, and in doing so I found a little green notebook of Graces.  In this little notebook there were all sorts of little treasures in the form of stories that she's started.  My favorite one was about Father Christmas and a mouse.  I adore the last line and the accompanying picture!

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