Monday, February 22, 2016


Last week, over President's Day, we made our way to Utah for some skiing!  A very generous colleague of Bryce's offered us his home in Utah as a home base and we couldn't refuse.  Turns out, their house is a true refuge and we had a really relaxing and lovely time while there.

It had been two years since we had been on skis and we I was nervous about our ability, but turns out I needn't have been worried; Grace was skiing black by the end of the first day!  She had a wonderful experience in that her ski lesson ended up being an all day private lesson since no one showed up for the group lesson.  She had a wonderful, older gentleman for an instructor who she absolutely adored!  She made huge progress!  I knew it wouldn't be long before she surpassed me in ability and this was the trip (I don't ski black unless it's by accident).

Harris decided to give up skiing and try snowboarding.  It was the right move for him as he liked it a lot better and was a bit of a natural.  On our second day out he was snowboarding down blues and asking why I was so slow.

The first day we were to ski, we woke up to heavy snow.  The drive to the ski resort was one of my most nerve wracking drives ever (we had rented a rather small car!) but Bryce didn't even place it in his top 10 scariest drives, so we were in good hands!

For both days that we skied, the top of the mountain was completely socked in and visibility was very low.  Grace's ski instructor told her she could tell people she had skied a black in zero visibility and the worst conditions possible :).  Our second day, Harris and I skied together in the morning and Bryce and Grace went off on more difficult terrain.  By the afternoon, we all skied together, which is what we've been waiting for for years to happen.  It was very fun and exciting to reach that point!

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