Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Funniest Christmas Gift Request Ever from an 11 Year Old

I can't believe I never posted about this because it was one of my favorite Christmas memories and makes me laugh every single time I think about our Harris and his number one gift request for Christmas...  a new mattress!

While Harris' current mattress isn't exactly old, it's not a very good one and our boy is one who takes his sleeping and comfort very seriously!  Last spring, he had the opportunity to lie on a tempurpedic bed and it never once strayed from the #1 spot on his Christmas wish list!  So on Christmas morning he opened up his gift from us to find a gift certificate for a new mattress!  He has agreed to wait until we are in the new house to get it, but is very much looking forward to going and lying on a million beds to look for the perfect one!

P.S.  Grace made the gift certificate for us, isn't it cute?

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