Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Old Friends

I feel like we've been friends with Jack and Kathleen forever, which means that we are well past the point of trying to figure each other, and all of our quirks, out and just love each other for who we are. Spending time with old friends is a comfort and a soul refresher and we were so happy to have the opportunity recently to do just that.

Jack came up for work related business and Kathleen joined him!  They were only here for 2 1/2 days but we packed a lot in and, though we all missed their children dearly, it was wonderful to sit around and visit for hours on end (we never run out of stuff to talk about).  It wasn't easy for either Kathleen nor myself to clear our schedules during this busy season, but in the end these are the relationships that I want to prioritize and give back to so it's well worth the extra effort.  It's a reminder, especially during this season, that it's our relationships that are to be treasured the most. 

While we galavant all over town, this is what the boys are doing... working!

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