Monday, December 14, 2015

A Pop Up Party

For the past several years Gretchen and I have contemplated hosting a small Christmas party together.  We've discussed a beautiful dinner with china and crystal, a bigger bash with loads of people and even a brunch.  However, in the end, we haven't done any of them for various reasons, the main reason being that this time of year is crazy busy and planning time is hard to come by.

Thus, with nothing on the calendar, we were about the throw the towel in again this year when we decided to host a pop-up party.  It came about because we both looked at our calendars, saw that we had Friday free and decided to go for it.  We sent an invitation out via Paperless Post a day before the party and  hoped that some would be free to join us!  The invitation read:

Pop on Over for Drinks and Cheer
Last minute parties are fun this time of year!

You guys, this is the way to host a party.  There was no stress, high expectations or craziness because there wasn't time.  We knew that we wouldn't have time to make food so we simply assembled an awesome cheese, meat, cracker, condiments type of tray and called it a night!  We had drinks and a festive punch cocktail and that was it!  In the end, we had a really lovely crowd of friends and it was one of my favorite parties to date!

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