Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We had a gloriously open weekend that didn't include baseball or ballet!  Instead, we filled it with a wonderful assortment of activities that included family time, friend time and some down time too.

We got to tour my sister and brother-in-laws house that is in the midst of renovation.  It seems so long ago that we were doing the same thing.

Dear friends came over for dinner Saturday night.  We visited and the children played.

We went to breakfast at a members only breakfast joint (it's free!).  You have to have a key to be able to get in the restaurant!  How fun is that?

Grace and a friend went to the movies while Harris and I finished up the 6th Harry Potter book.  We both cried through the last three chapters.

Bryce and the children joined another family (friends from school) to backyard camp!  Gretchen and I huddled in the attic and watched Outlander late into the night.

We went to our town's Memorial Day Parade!  Grace and I were observers and cheerers while the boys walked with the Scouts.  Afterwards, we went to a pool party where Harris and his fellow scouts worked on a badge.

Monday evening, we went to Gretchen's house for a dinner with friends.  Usually Gretchen and Ron host a Memorial Day pool party but they have some porch renovation going on which made having lots of people over difficult.  Instead, in a brilliant move, she bought lots of KFC and we ate it outside in beautiful weather while the children dipped in freezing cold pool water!

Years ago, my friend, Sonja, made a delicious pavlova and since then I've always wanted to try to make one.  This was the year!  It turned out delicious and it was so easy.  It's a perfect summertime treat as it's airy and light.

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  1. What a marvelous weekend. Breakfast at a counter. Just like in the movies! Pavlova. What a pretty treat.
    Note: We've had rain every day for nearly four weeks. Green and lovely here, but the flowers could use more sun.


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