Thursday, May 7, 2015

Eosinophilic Esophagitis Update

Two weeks ago, Harris had another endoscopy to see where he stood after having been back on corn for 4 months.  The scope had been scheduled for a month ago, but the doctors decided they wanted Harris to be on Flonase for 4 weeks to cut out the possibility of seasonal allergies messing up his numbers.  I'm happy to report that he had a totally normal scope with zero eosinophils!  That makes two perfect scopes in a row (we'd never had one before January!).  Harris has been off of corn since 2011 and either he's outgrown his corn allergy or, more likely, he was never allergic to corn in the first place.  This method of testing and discovering allergies is so imprecise and involves so much guesswork that it can be incredibly frustrating!

I wasn't sure that this scope would turn out so well as he had had a week with bouts of dysphasia, even getting an apple stuck for several hours during school.  Of course I'm left wondering what that was about, perhaps he had something that we were unaware contained a taboo ingredient? Or perhaps he just didn't chew his food enough?  Honestly, for a child with issues with his esophagus he doesn't take small enough bites!  Also, when that apple got stuck?  He didn't feel the need to mention it to anyone at school and therefore went the rest of the day with an apple stuck in his esophagus (nothing will go past the impacted food, not even saliva).

Our next step is to put gluten back in his diet and have another scope in three months.  Harris is a tad disappointed as he was hoping to go back on dairy so that he could have real ice cream!  For now we will just revel in the fact that we can finally, finally enjoy corn on the cob!  We missed it for the past four years...


  1. I'm so glad to hear this news for Harrison. My 2nd son, Jonah also suffered from a possible corn allergy but he did finally outgrow it. He is 21 now and still doesn't care too much for corn, but occasionally enjoys it.

  2. Wonderful! I hope the next test goes well also!

  3. That looks like a dyed in the wool Iowa lad. Sweet corn and steak!

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