Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An Almost Misadventure

Our trip for Spring Break did not exactly start out on the right foot.  The morning of our departure Bryce went to hitch up the Airstream to the truck only to discover that the lock had corroded, from all the salt on the road this winter, and wouldn't budge!  A locksmith had to be called in (he had to cut it off!) which delayed our leaving by several hours.  This might not have been a big deal had it not put us in the D.C./Maryland corridor, along with all other spring breakers, at exactly the wrong time! Traffic was a complete nightmare and we sat and/or barely moved for 3 extra hours in traffic.

Perhaps we wouldn't have been so frustrated if we weren't trying to make it to Richmond, Virginia for reservations at Heritage for dinner.  You see, Bryce has long wanted to go to Heritage as he met the bartender there years ago when he was bartender at a restaurant in our area.  It was he who introduced Bryce to his all time favorite drink, the Vieux Carre.  I had made our reservations on the earlier side as we would have the children with us, but it became clear that there was no way we would make it on time.  Fortunately, they were very accommodating, even though they had no other open times, and eventually just told us to come on whenever we could make it!

As our drive became longer and longer it also became clear that there was absolutely no way we were going to be able to check in to our campsite and still make it to dinner.  Bryce made the sad decision to cancel dinner altogether.  However, I couldn't let it go and found myself wondering if there was any possible way to just take the Airstream with us.  Now, if you are wondering, it's not feasible or easy to take the Airstream into a lot of spaces.  It's wide, long and can be tricky to make turns, so the idea of taking it into downtown Richmond was a little laughable!  I turned to the satellite view on our navigation system and discovered that Heritage was actually relatively close to the highway and that there was a middle school across the street with what looked like a large parking lot!  We decided, perhaps irrationally, to try it!  When we got to the middle school our hearts dropped when we discovered that the parking lot I had seen was currently under construction for a new building!  We thought our chance was lost, but found a much narrower parking lot on the other side of the school. The story has a happy ending in that we managed to pull in,  make it to a very late dinner and not get a parking ticket!  Also, the meal did not disappoint and was very, very delicious.

Afterwards, we headed to Pochohantas State Park campground (Harris was already fast asleep). Unfortunately, because we got in so late, we really didn't have much time to explore the state park but would like to go back as it seemed like a very nice place to explore a little!

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  1. Seems you had enough set backs that your next several trips ought to go smoothly. Good that the day ended on a high note. You certainly tried hard enough to make it happen!


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