Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Day in Soho

On Saturday, Gretchen and I went into the city for a day of wandering, shopping, eating and celebrating her birthday!  I wish that I had gotten better photos of our day but my phone's battery has been draining very quickly and either my phone was dead or I didn't want to drain it further. Unfortunately, the store that we desperately wanted to go to was closed on Saturday!  Therefore, we went to breakfast and felt better after a cantaloupe mimosa and rosewater waffle at Jack's Wife Freda.

We stayed mostly in Soho for the day and spent a lot of time in Purl admiring all the beautiful colors and gorgeous yarns and fabrics.

For dinner that evening we went to Birds and Bubbles and I'm pretty sure that it was there we found our happy place.  Champagne and fried chicken?  Yes, please.

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