Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Children's Garden

I've realized that I haven't posted this summer about the children's garden.  We've had some setbacks that have included bunnies, birds and not enough rainfall!  However, the garden still remains one of my very favorite things and I hope that the children still feel that way too.

The bunnies keep eating the morning glories and so they haven't been able to climb the tunnel as quickly as they usually do but I think we finally might have that under control.  The birds ate all of our blueberries even though we put a net on top of them.  Suggestions?  

Also, the birds (squirrels?) have dug up every single sunflower seed we have planted!  Super frustrating but we will persevere! On the bright side, we have read in the garden, blown bubbles, built sand tunnels, had picnics and enjoyed the flowers.  Here are some scenes from around the garden...


  1. I adore your children's garden. Seriously, so inspiring! Love love love!

  2. What a beautiful and peaceful space... Sorry about the lack of rainfall and the critters! I bet the children love their special place!

  3. Your children's garden is my all time favorite too! I love it! I hope to have one for my kids someday! Even though it may not have your magic!

  4. Really great to see some flower photos. Beautiful colors and setting. Fine netting or shade fabric may prevent the seeds being gobbled up before they germinate. It would seem word is out in the wildlife kingdom of the gourmet table you set!
    We empathize with the hot weather conditions. Those bubbles are great shapes. Will share the recipe with Ami & grandparent friends. (prev. post).

  5. I absolutely LOVE your children's garden. Like Sherri, I hope to create one for my children one day, too! :)


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