Monday, July 9, 2012

Embroidered Napkins

We are still going strong with our commitment to using cloth napkins at dinnertime.  However, I have  found it unnecessary to wash the cloth napkins after every single use.  Of course, we do have the evenings where one of use, or all of us, uses the napkin really well and it does have to be laundered, but we usually get two evenings out of a napkin.  Our dinner table has a drawer at each place and so it has been very easy and convenient to reuse our napkins-  they simply go back in the drawer for the next evening.  However, since we have been eating on the porch it has become an issue to figure out whose napkins is whose.

My solution to this minor problem was to embroider everyones initial on a napkin.  From start to finish it only took about half and hour!  The stitches certainly aren't even and it's not Martha quality, but it sure will do to help make setting the table easier!

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  1. Excellent, Anna! And it's great you are eating meals in the porch.


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