Friday, December 2, 2011

Trimming the tree

Traditionally, we trim our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I"m a put it up early and take it down early sort of gal.  For some reason as soon as Christmas is over all of those beautiful, magical decorations start to look a lot like clutter!  Remember how we went pumpkin picking in the snow?  This year, we went tree picking without coats!  It was unseasonably warm.

My Mom joined as for our tree trimming and helped to decorate some awfully cute brownie Christmas trees.

We also snacked on crackers, brie, grapes and cranberry spritzers!

This year Harris got a darling scout for his ornament since he joined the scouts this year.  I found it here- she even puts there pack number on the ornament!

Grace received a reading mouse because those are two things that she loves and adores!


  1. What wonderful memories you are making for your family!!
    I agree...I decorate early, and as soon as Christmas is over, the decorations lose their magic, and get quickly packed away until next year!

  2. The tree is lovely. You should have had our 20s and dusting of snow. Those yummies look tasty!

  3. So fun! And I see the UGA support, no coats to cover that up, and I bet it felt like you were in Ga. with that weather!

  4. The Magic is clearly alive at your house!

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  6. The Magic is clearly alive at your house!


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