Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Scenes- Part 1

Our Christmas season is flying by!  I love everything about Christmas, but this year I have found myself a tad overwhelmed.  I just wish that there was more time to fit everything in and do it in a relaxed and thoughtful manner.  Is that too much to ask?

I thought I would share some scenes from our Christmas activities.  I could have blogged about them all separately but glimpses will do.  After all, I've got presents to wrap!

Our town's holiday walk was lots of fun, Santa is always the highlight!

Both children and Bryce participated in our church's Christmas Pageant.  I love it every single time.

Yesterday, Gretchen and I went into the city for a fun adventure.  We did some window gazing (that's Tiffany's I'm standing in front of), a bit of shopping and had a long, leisurely lunch with a dear friend.  Any restaurant that serves cotton candy for dessert is tops in my book.  

P.S.  I wore my "new" vintage coat into the city.  I got it for something like $10 (but I did have to alter it!).  
I love how old fashioned I felt in it and it was really warm!  


  1. Every year the outdoor photo of you all bundled up with a tree in the background is a favorite. Would love to see the pageant some year. Grace looks like she's singing like a bird. You in your vintage coat is a treat. It does look warm!

  2. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed this year too...but I have to say...your fitting a ton in! Your Christmas season seems to be filled with nothing but FUN...FUN...FUN!!! :)

  3. Your chriatmas scenes are lovely and festive and make me feel all warm and cozy inside!!!! I wish Christmas was at least row weeks longer. We started decorating and crafting the day after Halloween! Happy Christmas! Xoxoxoxxo

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