Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Egg Decoration and Carrot Dinner

Our Easter egg decoration and carrot dinner is one of my favorite traditions because it is easy and fun (past years are here and here).  This years menu consisted of carrot soup, carrot burgers and bunny ear salad.  For dessert I made bunny sugar cookies. In an effort to keep it simple I chose not to ice the cookies but rather I used cotton candy to create a tail and used a candy eye- I think they turned out darling!  Sometimes simple really is better.

For place cards I used a printable that was meant for cupcakes but it worked out perfectly for our purposes.

Our eggs aren't strung and hanging on our Easter tree quite yet, but we did get some really pretty ones this year.  I'll share them soon.


  1. I love your themed dinner nights! You inspire me. :)

  2. well done! My trader joes didn't have the bunny ears BOOO. where did you get the carrots on top of your burgers? Can't wait to see your tree additions!

  3. Love it! We used the same paper bunny ears for water bottles!

  4. Looks like a fun tasty night. Look forward to seeing the eggs.

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