Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Fiesta Party

Kristin and I recently helped our friend Barbara with her son's fifth birthday party. Considering that we didn't even begin talking about the party and/or theme until two days before the event I think that it turned out pretty cute and a lot of fun.

Kristin and I made a sombrero hat cake. My favorite part were the gumballs!

We served little scoops of sprinkle covered ice cream with the cake.

We used tissue paper to make gigantic flowers and a banner for the table.

Barbara made lime-aid drinks for the children (and some margarita's for the adults!) and we garnished them with little key lime slices. She also had little tacos, guacamole and chips and salsa to eat!

There was even a pinata that the children had fun breaking open and then wearing parts of it around as a hat. Harris even brought this home!


  1. Oh Yeah. That is really a clever cake. All the rest of the ideas too. I should have you as a neighbor to do all the fun creative stuff with. It would sure spice up life.

  2. Anna - love the blog spot! You deserve the credit for the cake! All I did was pick a pattern for the gumballs! We should have taken a picture of the adult margaritas next to the kid lime-aidritas so people could see the size difference - and just how cute they were!

  3. just saw that posted about Eosinophilic Esophagitis and thought of you

  4. Thank you Andrea! I visited the site and was fascinated to read their story... parts (testing and such) sounded so familiar. It was so kind of you to point me in their direction.

  5. GREAT Fiesta! Love that cake and the margs look delicious.


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