Thursday, May 27, 2010

A fairy letter and a lost tooth

Grace lost her front tooth yesterday morning! Of course this meant that a visit from the tooth fairy was eagerly anticipated!

She and Harris laid out a few things for Ruth (that's our fairy's name). They included some notes (Grace helped Harris write his) and some bits of nature.

Have I ever shared that Grace and Harris have received letters from the fairies? We have a Valentine Fairy that leaves notes on Valentine's day and they are so sweet and tiny! Grace was thrilled this morning to discover that Ruth left her a note in the place of her tooth! I love Ruth's parting words, "Remember to brush, floss and smile!"

Grace's new look is adorable!


  1. Didn't know Grace had a loose front tooth. What a fun way to celebrate the loss. Perhaps the permanent one is breaking through?

  2. Just stumbled on your lovely blog via ohdeedoh. Those little fairy notes are too sweet!

  3. Wow...what a sweet and personal tooth fairy you have!!



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