Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Grace lost her second tooth tonight. It was really loose and she asked Bryce to pull it, which of course he did! Since we were in Vermont when she lost her first tooth, I didn't get to give her the tooth fairy pillow that I had for just such an occasion. It's by Kelly Rightsell and has a frog fairy in a tutu on it. It has a little pocket that the tooth goes in - it's really adorable. Grace wanted to know if she got $2.oo since this was the second tooth she lost. I'm thinking the fairy does not think in those terms!


  1. Hi, Thanks for posing a picture of my tooth fairy pillow on your blog! What a precious little girl you have! Kelly

  2. Oh my...a celebrity posting!!!

    The best things always happen to you Anna!! :) Maybe Susan Branch will post next!



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