Friday, July 25, 2008

Art in the Park

One of the things that I love about our town is the community programs that are offered. Grace participated in one such program this past week. It was Art in the Park and she had a ball! Everyday they worked on a different art project, and I thought I would share some of them. She is at such a great age for this because she is not yet restricted by the notion that the sky must be blue or that her work must be perfect. My wish for her would be that she can always be open and creative.

A seahorse made with cardboard and modge podge.

I love how they hung everything up to look like an art show.

A toucan creation

A hummingbird whose middle is made out of a peanut shell!


  1. I am always amazed and the neat things Pleasantville has to offer!!

    Grace is quite the artist.


  2. I agree with Tony, nice blog!

    It's good to live in Pleasantville, and yes, Grace does love her art!

  3. What a unique and creative artist Grace has become!


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