Saturday, November 30, 2019

Thanksgiving Week

Both of our children have the entire week of Thanksgiving off and it has been a wonderfully full week for them.  Here's a rundown....

Last Saturday, Grace headed into NYC to spend the day with Trystan.  Trystan is the son of dear family friends from our college days.  He is currently studying at NYU and was a wonderful host.  They went ice skating in Central Park, spent a couple of hours wandering the Met, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and drank copious amounts of tea/coffee.

On Monday, the children and Bryce headed out on their annual Thanksgiving backpacking trip.  Every year, Bryce says that it won't be a hard hike and that there won't be a lot of snow.  And every year.... there is.  :). They love it.

On Wednesday, Grace found out that she was accepted into her #1 choice for college, St. Andrews University.  Yep, the one in Scotland!  To celebrate, I made shortbread cookies and we drew the school's logo on it!  We are super proud of her.

Thursday morning, the children and I got up super early and headed into NYC for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  We had been given tickets to sit in the Grandstands but, unfortunately, even though we got there in plenty of time, they had already closed admittance (it was not at all clear to anyone that they would do that!).  So... we watched while packed in like sardines and could only see the big floats and balloons.  It was still fun and certainly a bucket list type of thing to do!

We got home in the early afternoon and then hosted Thanksgiving at our house.  Bryce smoked a turkey, I made cranberry sauce, desserts and an app board and everyone brought side dishes, it was really nice!

And there is our week in a nutshell!   After a bit of a tough fall around here, it's so nice to be getting back into the groove and looking forward to the Holidays.


  1. One of Trish's closest friends lives in Glasgow. I have even met her twice. she came here for our wedding and also right after AnnieJean was born. Super great resource

  2. Congrats to Grace!! That is a huge move. Out of the country? Wow. Brave and adventurous girl. Good luck to her (and you adjusting to that🙄).

    1. I know, I'm freaking out. What an opportunity but what a long ways away!


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