Monday, March 18, 2019

Winter at Frog's Hollow

As spring approaches I wanted to take a moment to document our winter here on the farm.  We didn't get a dump of snow, much to the children's disappointment, but we did get several snows that delayed school!  Most of those snows didn't last long as this seemed to be the year that they were, more often than not, followed by rain.

Our home seems to be particularly suited to winter as it's a very cozy place to be sitting by a roaring fire as the radiators clang and bang around us.  While we never have as many fires as I would like, we certainly had our fair share and during Grace's midterms Bryce made a fire everyday for her to study by.

We had some beautiful pink sunsets!  

Rosie got to go on a walk in the woods almost everyday, much to her delight.  I like taking her in the woods during the winter because she can freely run around without briars and multiflora getting her and there is not as much worry about ticks.  As much as we enjoyed winter, we are now ready to welcome spring with open arms (and hopefully not as much rain!)!

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