Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Flowers in the Field

Our farm is under farm assessment which really helps us when it comes time to pay taxes (especially where we live!).  We have a five acre field which currently is growing hay and our farmer neighbor cuts and bales it for us every summer.  One of our goals when we moved here was to be able to take over the requirements that need to be met to qualify for farm assessment so that we would not be dependent on someone else.  We really want to be totally above board and doing what we need to do so that we qualify fairly and truly.

To that end, this spring we took over a very small part of the field and planted five rows of flowers so that we could sell them.  For various reasons, mainly our renovation, we felt behind and didn't do as much soil prep and seed starting as we should have so this season has been very much one of learning!

I planted 50 dahlias and after our crazy wet spring only two survived!  The rest rotted in our heavy clay soil.  So that was a BIG disappointment and a tough learning curve.  I direct seeded everything else and while we definitely had crops that did not sprout and survive, the majority did!

The photo above was taken July 6th

Taken today, August 8th.

This area of the field has such a different feel to it than my garden.  While the flowers are beautiful, it's definitely a working area.  

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