Monday, June 4, 2018


Our peony season is almost to a close and while I still don't have nearly as many blooms as I did at our last house, I certainly got more this year than last!  Those blooms that I do cut (it's best to wait three years after planting to cut extensively), I cut short stems for bouquets.

Last fall, I planted some alliums and I just adore how they float above the peony blooms!  Also, the allium blooms last much longer than the peonies!

This season, I have had an issue of some of the peony petals turning brown (it's happening much more with my roses) and my guess is that it is due to the high volume of rain and cloudy skies we've had. 

 These ruffles... perfection.

 If you are looking for a beautiful, informative book on Peonies this book is calling your name. 

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