Saturday, February 16, 2019

Valentine's Day

I'm a big believer that Valentine's Day doesn't need to have a sweeping, grand gesture in order to be an awesome day.  In fact, I prefer to give my family little love notes throughout the day.  It's become apparent that my form of love notes usually involves food, and most often, sweets!

For the morning, I made homemade heart pop tarts, which were very tasty.  The only downside was that I didn't give them enough time to cool down (our mornings don't have a lot of extra time packed in) and Grace burned her tongue!  Oops.

For our evening meal, we switched things up a bit and ate in front of the fire in the den.  My coffee table swivels and becomes a dining room table so it's very easy to use it as a dining table (originally it was intended for a small NYC apartment, isn't that so clever?).

My Mom joined us and we had heart pizzas and salad.  Simple but fun.

For dessert, we had a lemon tart decorated with raspberry hearts.

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