Monday, January 28, 2019

Trail Markers

We are fortunate that in addition to our field, part of our property is woodland.  The woods are relatively young, 60 years old perhaps, and need some cleaning up as the vines and the deer have done significant damage.  Unfortunately, the deer eat the natives which leaves the invasive species (vines, multiflora, etc.) to run rampant.  However, we are committed to helping the woods to flourish and return to a native wood.

Washington's Last (Pine) Stand

Regardless of the invasives, it's still beautiful and we enjoy taking Rosie for a daily walk in the woods.  Bryce has made trails for us and continues to improve them.  For Christmas, Grace made me signs for the trails!  The Birthday Trail is so named because it was the first trail Bryce cut for Grace's 13th birthday party. The trail leads straight down to the creek where we've put a little bench so that we can every once in a while sit and enjoy the woods and the creek gurgling.

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