Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Eve and Day

Merry Christmas!  Has everyone recovered?  We had a full, but lovely, Christmas and for once, I felt fully prepared and present.  Of course, turns out I wasn't, as I discovered on Christmas Eve and day that I completely forgot to buy for Bryce's and my Mom's (Delita and I always split a stocking for her) stocking!  That was the only hiccup though and everyone lived through it and was gracious about it!  

I hosted everyone for Christmas Eve and so I spent most of the day preparing for dinner and breakfast the next morning.  One of my favorite moments was going out on the farm and foraging for greens for flowers on the table.  We are fortunate that we have lots of evergreens and a big, beautiful holly tree.  The peonies I bought had not fully opened (even with trying all the tricks in the books) but I still loved the pop of pink and, of course, peonies in December are such a treat.

After church, we sipped on Bryce's eggnog and delicious baked brie while we waited for the tenderloin to finish cooking (took longer than Ina said it would!)!  I made Croqemboosh for dessert.

I'm still stubbornly holding on to our reading of  The Night Before Christmas.  One's never too old, are they?

Oddly, our children have never woken early Christmas morning!  Numerous times we've had to wake someone up, this year it was Harris whom Grace awoke when Grandma showed up at 8:45!

I love our Christmas breakfast, it feels so special and makes the house smell heavenly!  This year, Grace made our cinnamon rolls, Orange Eggnog Rolls to be exact, and they were beyond delicious!

After opening presents at home, and face timing with Bryce's folks, we headed to my sisters for Christmas Day lunch.  Bill always likes to make the appropriate cocktail and Christmas was no exception!  How cute are these?


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Where did you get those Santa placemats? I love them!

    1. Thank you Kelly, aren't they cute? I got them at a local shop but here they are online and they are on sale! :


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