Monday, November 19, 2018

Life with Our Teenagers (Random Thoughts)

Over the past couple of years this blog has changed in that I haven't posted about the children nearly as much.  It wasn't really a decision I made in one day but rather something that just felt right as time went on.  This blog isn't, and will never be, a hugely popular blog where I'm trying to create content but is rather just our goings on at home but, nevertheless, I want to respect our children's privacy and wishes.

The thing with teenagers is that their perceptions and emotions are so very complicated, awkward and everything is potentially embarrassing.  At some point, as the children got older, I stopped feeling like they would want everything out there.  Plus, older children don't lend themselves as well to crafts, theme days and cutesy food and it's not so fun to post a photo of the children doing homework :).

Don't get me wrong, they are awesome in so many ways!  All those things that you couldn't do when they were young, happen now!  I'm really enjoying the children where they are now.  Do I miss those sweet, simple days of younger children?  Absolutely.  But, I feel so very fortunate that I'v gotten to really and truly experience every stage with these two.  While we might not have themed food at dinner, we do have engaging and lively debates and discussions about current events.

I really, really worry about technology, specifically phones for our children.  Will they be fine?  Will they know how to be functioning and contributing members of society?  Will they look up?  Harris just got his first phone (both children got them at 14) and we've put a lot of restrictions around it but I still worry.  I really and truly believe that phones (and the social media that accompanies phones) have fundamentally altered how children experience childhood.

Navigating the tricky waters of being a teenager is hard but so is being a parent of a teenager!  Something that has surprised me is that we (parents) aren't all on the same page about things that I would think we would be (alcohol, sex, etc.).  And that makes it hard because there isn't any black and white with those things, it seems as if everything has a layer of permissiveness nowadays and it's all on a sliding scale, which can be scary as a parent!

I think teenagers can get such a bad rap, and oftentimes you hear parents of young children lament and dread the teenage years, but so far we've had a really enriching and wonderful experience.  It hasn't been without its bumps, pitfalls and worry (so much worry!) but all in all we are leaning in and enjoying our two during this time.


  1. That is very sweet and earnestly written; I cannot believe they are both teens! I enjoying following all of you and the farm on this blog!

    1. Thank you Brian, come visit us with your brood so that we can get our non teenager fill!

  2. Because you are and always have been so present in their lives is likely why they are teenagers who are enjoyable to be around!


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