Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How to Bring Back Wilted Hydrangeas

Two days before Thanksgiving I bought a two bunches of hydrangeas for our Thanksgiving table.  I came home, cut off their ends and put them in water overnight since I wasn't ready to put them together for the centerpiece.  I awoke the next morning to find 5 out of the 6 hydrangeas completely wilted!  I was so frustrated as I wasn't planning on going out that day and felt like it was wasted money.

Did you know that hydrangeas take in water from every part of the plant?  I had read that hydrangeas could be revived by being submerged in a water bath so I thought there was no harm in trying.  I left them in the bath all day and could not believe my eyes when they started coming back to life.  You guys, it was like a Thanksgiving miracle!

When I finally arranged them, I cut the stem again, dipped the stem in alum, and they lasted for Thanksgiving and a day or two afterwards.  Hoorah!


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