Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Harris Turns 14

Today, Harris turns 14.  Cue lots of incredulous comments and shaking of heads as we can't figure out how we've gotten here, but here we are sitting squarely at 14 years of age. 14 years of Harris enriching our lives and making us laugh.  I"m so proud of the young man he is becoming and feel so blessed that we get to watch him grow and stretch.  We love him so much!

Here are 10 things that help define our boy at 14...

1.  Harris will get super passionate about something (making wooden spoons, editing video, reading a book series) for a period of time.  Sometimes it lasts and sometimes it doesn't.
2.  He still loves trampoline and takes a class once a week.  He has spent hours upon hours on the trampoline and can do crazy things with his body when flipping.
3. Every day he asks me how my day was.  If it's a day where I put flowers out, he asks if they've sold, or if I had a tennis match, he asks how it went.  He has been particularly interested in our flower venture as I think he himself has entrepreneurial tendencies (or at least he's interested in making money!).
4. He's funny and silly and loves to laugh.  He brings such a wonderful, lighthearted vibe into our family that can have a tendency to be too serious and I love him for that.  Some of my best memories with Harris are where we are laughing so hard we are doubled over.
5. He is a leading authority on all things Harry Potter.  He listens to the series while on the trampoline or doing things around the house.  On Audible it's up to 30 days of listening (as in he's listened for 30 24 hour days!).   I'm embarrassed to even type that but it's true.
6.  While he can definitely have that teenager veneer of not caring and being too cool for school, at home he's super loving and affectionate.  In Cooperstown, he even held my hand while we walked around!
7.  He can eat us out of house and home, especially when it comes to snacking on things that aren't awesome for you (Eggos, Cheezits, etc.).  Ribs are still his favorite food with pancakes close behind.
8.  He's fearless and very tough.  Neither of these things are always good and, in fact, we've had lots of talks about limits and pride but lots of times he's amazed us!  He's always up for adventure and for that I'm so grateful!
9.  In the past couple of months, he's finally edged past me in height!
10.  He loves and adores his dog, Rosie.


  1. Love this kid! I will always remember where I was when I got the call I had a nephew. I may or may not have been in a bar. 😆

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