Sunday, March 18, 2018

Around Here

It's still winter here.  As in it's really, really still winter here.  There's a cold wind blowing, snow on the ground, we seem to have a storm once a week and I feel like Harris never, ever goes to school.

The biggest thing we've had going on is something that I haven't written about.  We had something so odd, jarring, sad and strange happen that we are still processing it.  A week before Christmas, Harris' beloved teacher, came into work, left at 11:30 and hasn't been back since.  Whatever happened is super top secret but it has really and truly thrown us all for a loop (at Waldorf, teachers stay with the class year after year so the children are very close to their teacher).  Teacher's simply don't just disappear, except that he did.  So Harris has had a substitute and will continue to have a substitute for the rest of the year and a new teacher next year.  Such a bummer.

February didn't see much snow at all but March sure has come in like a lion.  We've enjoyed the snow but not the snow shoveling.  Unfortunately, the snow caused Bryce's guys sailing trip to be delayed by two days.  He decided to go anyway and was so glad he did, even though we were insanely jealous!

The renovation is still not done.  It's getting closer but not yet done.  I'm in the process of deciding on fabrics and finishes and I'm finding it overwhelming especially since I"m not a designer and don't have access to some of the fabric/lines that I love.

I bought lots and lots of seeds to plant a small part of the field with.  We are starting really, really small and hoping to offer market bouquets at a road side honor stand this summer.

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