Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grace's Room

I'm still trying to document parts of our summer renovation and up next is Grace's room.  When we first looked at the house this is the room Grace wanted right away, but, as I've mentioned, it was all by itself at the end of the house without a way to get to it unless one took the back stair or walked through Harris' bedroom.  Putting the hallway in was the perfect solution to this and now her room feels very much a part of the upstairs living space.

I love her room as I think it's just downright pretty without being too cutesy or precious.  It's really perfect for her (maybe too perfect, it can be hard to lure her out of it!).

The only massive change we made to this room, besides paint, was moving the door way to accommodate the new hallway.

This picture shows the original door on the left (through to Harris' room) and the door to the back staircase and Grace's bathroom on the right.

 The doorway on the right required cutting through stone wall to get the new opening and hallway

This corner of Grace's room remained as is.

Grace spends so much time sitting at her desk either doing homework or creating.

We were so glad that she had a wall that her dresser and her bulletin board fit on!

Of course, she had to have a bookshelf.  We got it at IKEA and it just fits under the ceiling!

The ceilings aren't exactly high in this space in the house so we found a darling vintage flush mount fixture for her ceiling which I just love!

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