Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Typewriter

I love it when I feel like I've gotten the perfect gift for someone and this year I feel like we nailed it for Grace's birthday.  Ever since she saw an old typewriter in the attic of the property we almost purchased she has pined after one.  I found a charming and beautiful one on Etsy and just knew that she would love it.  I don't know that a day has gone by that we haven't heard the click, click, click, ding, of the typewriter keys.  I love that sound and it makes me happy to hear it.

It's a Portable Royal 600 typewriter and it's completely manual.  It came with its original case and owners manual.

I love this picture of Grace opening the gift.  Her expression along with the confetti that Harris is throwing is perfect.

I was surprised at how much the typewriter gathered everyone around and how much the children were absolutely fascinated by it!  I believe Harris loves it almost as much as Grace.  When he saw it before we gave it to Grace he said, "Isn't that sort of a big present for a birthday?" I think he just knew that it was special and was perhaps a tad envious, but he said over and over again, "She is gonna love this!"

Grace's Grandma used to teach typing in high school, so she is our "typewriter expert."  Lucky Grace!

We keep finding notes around the house for us.  Maybe a novel is next?


  1. So sweet! I still have my grandparents, where did you find the ribbon?

  2. That is wonderful! I recently took part in a Poet for Hire event at our town Mardis Gras party (so much fun) and people stopped because we used old typewriters to type out the poems. The typewriters drew people in, but the poetry kept them there!

  3. That is so cool! I love that she typed a thank you note for you. Very sweet.

  4. That really is a spectacular present! I love the color too...but I wouldn't expect anything less from you! ;) It's perfect!


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