Friday, March 15, 2013

Harry Potter

If you know me in person or have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love and adore the Harry Potter series.  I had the great fortune of starting the series way back when they were first being published and therefore also had the privilege of waiting, discussing and anticipating each new book that came out.  I, along with Kathleen, was at every single midnight release of a new book starting with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

All of that being said, I have made the children wait to start reading the series.  Not because I didn't think the first few books were appropriate for young children but rather because I wanted them to be able to appreciate the nuances of the storyline and characters and also the amazing writing*.  Plus, I think there is something to the anticipation of a thing.  Anyway, the time has come and Grace and I have begun to read the series together.  Every night we snuggle in and I read a chapter to her.  She could easily read all of the books in a fraction of the time that it will take for us to read together, but there is something special about sharing it together.

Reading together is a gift.  For her.  For me.  And reading Harry Potter has been exactly as wonderful as I thought it would be.  I'm thrilled to be able to share something I love with someone who clearly will love it as I do (if the first two books are any indicator!).

Also, I can't believe I didn't know lego was retiring the Harry Potter sets- I completely missed out on all of it.  Grace's devastation on learning that fact was complete and total.

*I never had a set timeframe in mind and Grace read Lord of the Rings last year, so clearly she would have been just fine.  But she wasn't begging to read the book and I didn't push it.


  1. Oh my days, I LOVE Harry Potter!!! It must be so amazing to read it with your kids. I was basically the perfect age to read it when I started - 8 when the first book came out, which I read because my wiser 11 year old sister told me to, and I have loved them all ever since...

  2. Emma, you were indeed the perfect age!

  3. You have more self control than I! I couldn't wait to read them with my son. We started when he was 7, and he is anxiously waiting for summer (no time during the school year) to read the 6th and 7th! We went to Harry Potter World in November, so I "made" my first grade daughter read the first one with us before we went. She fought me on the first couple of chapters and was then hooked and begged me not to stop! LOVE!

  4. While I do not want my kids to grow up any faster, I am anxiously awaiting the day I can sit and read Harry Potter with them. Like you, I LOVED reading every book. And, like you, I am making them wait until they are closer to Harry's age in the first book. My 2nd grade daughter could easily pour through them now but, as you said, I feel like she doesn't have enough school experience to truly appreciate the situations the characters go through. I recently attended a children's literacy talk where the speaker was talking about how we do a disservice to our children encouraging them to read these books early. As she said, Danielle Steele's books are written at the same reading level and we aren't pushing our kids to read them. ; ) Enjoy every minute and every word you read with her. I'm jealous. ; )

  5. what a beautiful reminder for me... I read this series with my oldest son--- I remember reading with him and we also listened to some book CDs together. I cherish those times immensely and I know you do too!!! Have you read her adult novel? Haven't heard much of it?!

  6. I have never read the series!
    I love these pictures of you two reading together!


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