Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I hope everyone had a fun, festive and mischievous St. Patrick's day.  Unfortunately, Harris' trap failed to catch the pesky leprechaun, but he's pretty sure where he went wrong and has already made plans for next years trap.   We did give homage to the day with a snack of green milk and scones* in the shape of clovers.

*I used my favorite scone recipe and added the green color to the milk before I added it to the dry ingredients.


  1. A belated Happy Saint Patricks Day. He surely started something didn't he, bless his soul. I have misplaced the scone recipe and would appreciate your sharing the link again.

  2. St Patty's day just flew right past us...and now Luke cant move on until we do something leprechauny???? I may need to whip up some green milk??
    I thought the kids might not notice that we skipped it...i was wrong!



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