Friday, March 30, 2012

April Fools Day Snack

On Sunday, April Fools Day, we are going to be very busy and I don't believe that there will be time to make any of our usual fun, tricky foods.  Of course, we will make time for a few pranks, but I also feel sure that the children will want a snack at some point during the day.  I happened upon these darling "peas and carrots" by JellyBelly at the grocery store and thought they were the perfect quick April Fools day treat!

I packaged them up with a label that encourages them to eat their vegetables.  Even though Harris and Grace both love peas and carrots, I'm sure they will be thrilled at the switch!


  1. So cute! Great idea. They will love it!

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  3. How fun is that! Wish we could see their reaction. We're thinking about April Fools Day and hoping we can be sharp when anyone at fellowship after church attempts to trick us.


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