Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones

I'm taking a belated birthday treat into Harris' classroom today and I decided to make a treat that I've had bookmarked on pinterest for this very purpose (and no, mine did not turn out nearly as adorable as hers!).  They are rice krispie treats dressed up to look like ice cream cones!  I think they turned out rather cute, but I did have a difficult time with the candy melts because I couldn't get it thin enough to run down the sides.  In the end I ended up globbing it on top and then shaking the treat with my hand to get it to smooth out.

I have a funny story about the making of these treats.  I forgot to put the sprinkles on and was disappointed because they would have helped mask the messy candy melts.  I decided to use my hairdryer to melt the candy melts enough for the sprinkles to stick.  I poured the sprinkles in a bowl and started up the hairdryer. I then accidentally aimed the dryer at the bowl which caused approximately one million sprinkles to scatter throughout my kitchen and dining room!  We will be finding sprinkles for days...


  1. So cute! I found some tiny ice cream cones that I want to try these with. AND I am so happy to have found you on pinterest!!!

  2. These are awesome!
    I love love love them!

  3. I think they are absolutely adorable and I bet the kids will be talking about them for days!!!!! Sprinkles all around... That is a good thing! :)

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