Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Nutcracker

Yesterday, we attended the Nutcracker ballet. I thought it would be especially wonderful for Grace to attend since she is taking ballet this year and it was her school which was putting on the show. She and Harris both seemed to really enjoy it!

We had a little pre-show snack before we left for the theater.

After church this morning the whole family got involved in a very fun and funny reenactment of the ballet. Our cast included:

The Rat King


The Nutcracker


and the Sugar Plum Fairy

There was lots of dancing, dueling, lifting, twirling, dragging and laughter.

P.S. Just in case you are wondering- that little multicolored unitard was mine. I can't imagine ever having fit into it, much less wearing it to perform in public. Also, the "nutcracker" vest was also mine from middle school. Awesome.


  1. i wish I had some of the photos of when Bryce, Jackie and I dressed up and put on plays also. Seems Bryce has not out grown that, good job!!! Dressing up is super cool and I am proud he's my brother. Go Nutcracker!!!

  2. What fun!

    *Nice unitard....

  3. You all just keep us smiling! Jeni's comment made us smile too! What a way to end the day.

  4. How fabulous! What fun for you and your family, way to act on the spontaneity.

  5. Loving this!
    Looks a fantastic day!


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