Monday, December 20, 2010

Favorite (Christmas) Things #4

I've had a bit of a bad day. A gift I ordered the first week of December is suddenly "out of stock" and will not be here, I've been giving Harris cookies that have corn flour in them (I still don't understand how I missed that), so his scope will most likely have to be rescheduled, and I accidentally dropped a friend's camera (I know!) and now it's not working.

To make myself feel better, I compiled a list of a few of my favorite Christmas things. It's working already...

My new Christmas apron. I swear I end up wearing it all day and feel like a domestic diva while doing so!

A foot switch for turning the tree lights on and off. This devise is genius and has turned turning the tree on and off into much less of a hassle (think hands and knees, and sappy tree branches poking you). I got ours several years ago at an Eckerd drug store!

The children's Christmas pajamas combine Christmas and frogs, two of my favorite things in one!

Flannel Christmas sheets for the children. We got these at Pottery Barn Kids on an after Christmas sale several years ago and the children look forward to putting them on their beds at the beginning of the season. Flannel sheets rock- especially in our drafty, chilly house!

My Christmas dinnerware. I have Christmas china that I adore and think is absolutely gorgeous, but for everyday we use our Christopher Radko dinnerware that I bought at Target eight years ago. We use these dishes everyday during the Christmas season and I never tire of them.

What are your favorite Christmas things?


  1. I daydream about having a set of lovely Christmas dishes. I am sorry you had a bad day... it will get better.

  2. hope your day gets better... I so enjoy your blog and have gotten many an inspiration from reading it! hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. That is a fantastic list of favorites...I have wanted to buy sheets for the kids..I think I will try and hit up after Christmas this year..thanks for the tip!
    I love aprons! I could wear one everyday all day! Especially if it was that adorable!
    I am sorry about your tough day!

  4. That was some downer day you had! Favorite things are a nice way to overcome.
    My favorite Christmas things are the soft glow of Christmas lights in the dark evenings, Christmas carols, Christmas letters from dear old friends, memories of Christmases past (remember Christmas in Dixie at the cottage?), our home-made nativity tucked under the tree. Christmas blessings.

  5. What an amazing collection of Christmas lovelies!!, I'm so glad your day got better!!!!

  6. They are all so elegant and beautiful. Thank you!!The online Bed Shop


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