Monday, March 8, 2010


It's a bit overwhelming to try to post about our vacation, we did so much and made a lot of memories - many of which weren't caught on camera. So instead of trying to capture the whole week, I think that I will just try to give snapshots of what we did and experienced!

We spent time with family. We stayed at Al and Marilyn's condo (a time share) and Marilyn's sister, Lana, joined us. Bryce's sister, Jeni, and her husband Bill also came to Beaver Creek for the week!

We skied. The children did awesome. The ski school was great for Grace and she ended up going all the way up to the summit of the mountain! She no longer wants to snowboard! Harris missed his Mom and Dad the first day so he ended up only doing a half day. The second day he managed a full day and did fantastic! I would just like to note that I skied down a black trail but not on purpose (I'm looking at you, Al). I stayed on my skies though and lived to tell the tale so I was happy!
We went swimming. The town of Avon has the most amazing rec center I have ever seen. The children absolutely loved it (slides, fountains, a climbing wall over the pool and a lazy river - what's not to love).
We went ice skating.

We went tubing. That speck you see is Harris!

We went snowmobiling. Harris even fell asleep on the way down (he was with his Grandpa in the front of the snowmobile, not the back)!


  1. I love Beaver Creek, how fun! Great pictures

  2. Beaver Creek looks like so much fun. I so want to visit there.

  3. What a fun trip with great memories for the you all!



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