Sunday, March 28, 2010

The little office that could...

Since I posted about our new library wall I thought I would document the room it is in. Our home has four bedrooms but the fourth bedroom is very tiny. It is only 11 x 8 and has two large windows and a small closet! We knew that it would make a darling nursery or an office. Since the children were happily settled in their bedrooms we went with an office. I can honestly say that we have used every square inch of the office, and I don't see how we could possibly squeeze in one more thing. The office is used as a library, a craft room, storage room for craft supplies, file room, a wrapping station and of course an office!

We had a bit of a difficult time finding a desk for the office. Corner desks were just too large for the area. We cobbled together a desk using Container Store file cabinets and desk tops. We also hung open shelves on the wall above the desk.

The closet that was in the room is small and not very deep, you couldn't even hang a coat hanger on a rod! However, Bryce cut shelves to fit the closet and it is the perfect space to store craft and office supplies. My underused sewing machine even fits.

In my opinion, any space that has books to read also should have a space to sit and enjoy those books! Fortunately, we had a little space in between the closet and the library wall. Next to the closet is a window that butts right up against the library wall. The closet provided a perfect wall to hang a sconce for lighting. I had it in mind that I would try to find an old, weathered leather chair to put in the space, but as luck would have it I happened upon a new, weathered leather chair! It is possibly the smallest leather chair I have ever seen but it fits the children, myself and even Bryce quite well- not to mention the space! And it's comfy to boot! My craft table fits under the window, behind the chair. We just pull it out when we need to use it.

My Mom made the gumdrop pouf for me. It's perfect for the space and the children can even sit on it to read.
Remember the wrapping station that I posted about forever ago? That's also in this room and is used often!

All in all we love our little office. It's a comfortable place to be... for all of us!

P.S. In case you were wondering... it really is orange. Although, I think it's official name is something along the lines of pumpkin or butternut squash!

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