Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Doll Party

Grace's party was really fantastic! I had a lot of fun putting it together but didn't spend a fortune or a ton of time doing it. Also, it was a short party at only an hour and half and that really helped the party be manageable! The girls - and their dolls - were delightful and Grace was thrilled beyond words. What more could I ask for?

The Set-Up
I used the colors from the invitations throughout the decorations for the party. They helped make everything look fun and festive.
During the party I really wanted each doll to have a special place to sit. The party was as much about the dolls as it was about the girls and I wanted it to feel that way. My Mom and I made cushions for the dolls and put them on little chairs that I borrowed from our church.
I got regular sized balloons for each girl and miniature ones for each doll. We attached one of each to each chair and lined them all up. This was one of my favorite things at the party - it just looked so festive!
Behind the cake and snack table I strung up a clothesline of doll clothes.

The Food
I had so much fun getting the food together! I bought food for the girls and food for the dolls. It's so easy now to find miniature versions of so many popular snacks that I really had to rein myself in! ( I promise in person the table did not look this busy!)
We had regular and miniature gumballs, pretzels, crackers, Oreos, Vanilla Wafers and M&M's.
Using the scraps from the pillows, I cut placemats for the girls and their dolls. We had tea (apple juice) and snacks on the floor.
We made cookie doll dresses on lollipop sticks to look like the invitations. I just punched holes in a white shoe box to hold them! It worked out wonderfully well!

The Cake
The dollhouse cake turned out so cute! I had clipped the directions for making this cake years ago from Parents magazine. My only change was to add the chimney and popcorn smoke.

The Activities and Favors
As soon as the girls arrived we had them start to paint a wooden picture frame (from Michael's for $1!). Bryce took pictures of each girl and their doll with Grace and Gracie and printed them while the party was still going on. At the end of the party they each took home their frame and picture.
The girls also beaded bracelets - one for them and one for their doll. I couldn't have done this activity without the help of my Mom, thank you!
In addition to taking home the the bracelets, frames and pillows I packaged up a cookie and gumballs for the girls.
The Guests
Of course, the most important part of any party are the guests.


  1. this is so cute!!! you have such great ideas. happy birthday to grace!

  2. The prettiest cake and what fun ideas you have here!!

    Love it!


  3. Amazing! I still want to be you when I grow up :)

  4. Love all the ideas...the chairs and the cake are my favorites!!


  5. Such a cute party!!! I so glad I found you.


  6. Found this on Pinterest.. Love it! I'm in the process of planning an American Girl party & this is great. Thanks!

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  8. I love the cake I wish I would of thought of that for my daughter's doll party. You can view my doll party at or find me on facebook, Creative Playhouse

  9. Everything looked absolutely adorable!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I loved all of your ideas, especially the tiny balloons, so cute:)

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